Driving For Fun

Life is all about driving for fun. The sun is out, the skies are blue. The women are in mini skirts, you are listening the best music ever and you feel great driving your wheels.

Although there are certainly lots of driving schools to select from it can possibly be a hard choice in order to decide on the ideal driving instructor for you, therefore we have chosen to offer you a triple guarantee.

The triple guarantee is going to make certain that if you do not like the driving lesson you have just gotten through, you are able to get a reimbursement of your cash. As soon as you go to your driving test and in one way or another happen to fail, we are going to also pay for the costs of your next driving test. And due to the fact that national studies claim the classification of individuals most prone to have a car accident are actually recently qualified drivers, we are supplying you free of charge refresher course driving lessons following you have passed your driving test. Our team believe our triple guarantee offers you 3 justifications why you need to opt for our driving school.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – This concerns all common driving lessons except the driving test, the driving test rescue and late test bookings. Our team are going to reimburse your cash with regard to the session you are actually on or have indeed just undertaken and you are going to be free in order to sign up with a different driving school.

PASS PROMISE – The typical number of hours needed to have to pass the driving test is 47, having said that all we request you to undertake is have just 40 hours of training sessions with the school. You will need to successfully pass your theory test inside the first 6 weeks of beginning with the school. You need to have two hours of training a week and also any weeks you miss out, such as thanks to health problems or perhaps vacation you have to make up for. All driving tests are organized by the driving school and you are going to only be enabled to go to the driving test after you have passed a mock test. Within the 3 weeks before the driving test you have to get 3 driving lessons being composed of 2 hours a lesson. Within 7 days of the driving test you have to have 1 driving lesson being composed of 2 hours. If in case you fail your driving test, you have to make a reservation for a minimum of 3 hours restorative driving lessons. The driving school may provide you free of cost driving lessons to the market value of the driving test.

2 YEAR DRIVING LESSON WARRANTY – Doing this is actually to make sure you continue being a safe driver. You are actually qualified for to 4 hours a year, for 2 years. Hours can not be moved into the subsequent year, marketed, or traded. You are going to provide your own vehicle, fuelled as well as road legal.

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You are going to really like getting to know how to drive, maybe the most challenging part is getting a hold of a driving school to match you and this is why we have the triple guarantee. We would like to justify ourselves to you and that is actually the reason why we provide you a money back guarantee on your driving lessons, but additionally we would like to illustrate we have the most reliable talents in order to help you obtain your driver’s licence which is exactly why we have the Pass Promise. The Warranty is just simply due to the fact that we care, we do not wish to see or find out that you have indeed been engaged in any kind of crash after you have your driving licence, therefore in case you think you need to have a refresher lesson, you are able to get them totally free.